Our Company Profile

Who We Are

A highly competent, reliable, socially relevant, and environmentally responsible pest management service provider, QuRE IT Inc., has been protecting its clients from structural and urban pests since May of 2006.

Our Why

Our main purpose is to help you stay healthy and safe by managing the pests that can spread disease and cause structural harm.

Safeguarding our homes and establishments from the dangers we see is difficult enough. We want you to sleep easy knowing that qualified and well-trained personnel are proactively protecting you from the dangers that you can’t see.

Who We Benefit


From hospitals to homes, residences to businesses, we provide quality and personalized pest management and disinfection services to help ensure yours, your family’s, and your customers’ health and safety.

We aim to improve your life by using the best available methods, technologies, and chemicals to cater to your unique needs while being environmentally sustainable.

Our Clients

Our clientelle include more than 600 homes and businesses plus some of the top international hotels, restaurants, and the finest hospitals in the Visayas and Mindanao islands.